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Ladies of the Philippines in Bikinis

Hot Pinay in White Shorts

Hot Pinay in White ShortsRan across the assortment of lovely ladies of the Philippines all in their itty bitty bikinis.

Honestly, most pinay dress far more conservative than this on the beaches of the Philippines.

There is a serious shortage of Filipina in bikinis.  That problem may get worse as the governor of Cebu has outlawed biknini contest in the province of Cebu. Now there are still bikini contest in Cebu because some cities in Cebu do not fall under the authority of the province.

Once again, we can enjoy the sexy women of the Philippines and be respectful at the same time.

Hot and Sexy Filipina Beach Babes In Bikinis

Hot Pinay

More Hot Pinay In Bikinis

Lovely Filipina on the beaches of the Philippines

More Filipina In Bikini

Tiny brown girls in tiny bikinis. Could only get a little better.

Lovely Hot Ladies From The Philippines

8-31-2011 5-12-01 AM

I hope you enjoy these lovely ladies of the Philippines as much as they do.

The video maker ask where else can you find such beauty, well, maybe Brazil. :) But these ladies are lovely and Filipina are very loving. Of course, that depends on where you get them. Get them from the wrong place and you could have trouble.

Always nice to see Filipina in bikini. :)

Some of these beautiful Filipina are probably trouble but they sure are nice to look at.

Hot and Sexy Pinay In Bikinis


Wow, these Filipina are nice to look at.

To bad we don’t see many in the Philippines actually dressed this way.

Not even on the beaches.

There is a serious shortage of bikinis in the Philippines but I’m doing my part. Just ordered one for my girlfriend from Playboy. :) It would be nice to see more Filipina in Bikini!

Enjoy the pretty ladies of the Philippines but never forget, respect is essential in the Philippines. Nothing will turn off a hot pinay faster than showing her a lack of respect.